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You're gonna be a shinin' star
In fancy clothes and fancy cars
And then you'll see you're gonna go far
'Cause everyone knows just who you are

So live your life, your life, your life [and so on and so forth]

- Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.

Cooking and Drinking

What if I told you could expand your culinary horizons beyond ramen and Natty Light while keeping things quick, easy and tasty? Would you be interested in that? Yeah, we thought you would.


So you’re in the market for (cue Rod Roddy voice) a NEW CAR! Below you’ll find a crash course in making an informed decision. We’ll get you a good deal. Trust us.


Welcome to the world of fraternizing beyond the frat. There are options aplenty to network, make new friends, and perhaps find that special someone. Behold.


Need a vacation? Heck yeah, you do! You’ve earned it. Below we’ll show you where to go and how to get there.

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