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If you followed the news (sure, The Daily Show counts) over the past year you probably noticed that health is kind of a big issue right now. From toothaches to torn Trojans, from evolving (devolving?) into a gorilla juice head to coping with gonorrhea (often the two go hand in hand) we’ll help you deal with these issues and more. To your health!

Choosing a Doctor and Health Plan

Sorry kids, checking out WebMD just ain’t gonna cut it. Here’s our consultation: Check out these simple steps to getting proper medical coverage. But please, don’t call us in the morning -- we had a late night.

Keeping Fit

A little exercise a day will help keep the doctor away, while attracting an influx of suitors (hey, even if you're in a relationship, it's still flattering). Here are some ways to stay fit in both body and mind.

Handling Emergencies

Despite what Flavor Flav says, 911 ain’t no joke. If you find yourself in a crisis or want to preemptively prevent one, check these potentially live saving tips.

Understanding STDs

STDs are a lot like government officials. You know their names, but when it comes to understanding what they do, that’s another story. Here’s your opportunity to get educated.

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