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It’s time to bid adieu to that black light Bob Marley poster and your roommate who sleeps directly under you (in the lower bunk bed, sicko). Goodbye dorms! Hello, well, that’s where we come in to the picture. In the past, your living situation was either determined by your parents or the fickle dorm lottery gods. And for those of you lucky enough to snag off-campus housing, pickins’ were slim and close to campus. Now, the world is your oyster and choosing where to live be it continent, country, state, city, street, even floor can seem daunting. But don’t fret mon frere (et souer), we’ve got you covered.

Making the Move

From transportation to weeding out the good, the bad and the fugly from your belongings (you won’t be appearing on the next episode of Hoarders – not on our watch!), below you’ll find tips that will help make the move from college to “real world” living as quick and painless as possible.

Finding an Apartment

Ready to settle into the apartment of your dreams? Well, slow your roll, homes, you just graduated – and probably only have three digits in your bank account. But fear not. There are plenty of apartments out there to fit your needs and budget. Finding one will be a cinch … just follow our handy guide below.

Setting Up Your Pad

Pimping out your new pad doesn’t require the expert touch of Nate Berkus (that one was for the ladies). Below you’ll find the where/what/how to guide for gathering all the fine furnishings you need to make your new living situation Shaggy 2 Dope (that one was for the juggalos).

Once You Are in Your Place

You’re all settled in. Great job! But if you think everything’s easy breezy from here, you’re absolutely right (on opposite day). Dealing with landlords, neighbors, supers, and waterbugs can be a hassle. That's why we’ve compiled these important tips to help mold you into the model tenant.

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