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It seems simple enough. Get a job. Earn money. Use that money for goods and services. If only it were that simple. Getting that first paycheck might be a huge thrill, but when you begin to contemplate living expenses, debt, taxes, and all the other yucky stuff, that excitement quickly changes to dread. Well, turn that frown upside down (or at least into a smirk) as we’re about to give you some simple solutions to making the most of your financial situation.

Managing Your Finances

Have you been stashing your savings under your bed? It’s time to throw away that shoebox (but make sure to take the money out first) and let us teach you how to become the Joe Torre of your nest egg.

Dealing with Debt

Debt’s a lot like the smoke monster from Lost. If you neglect it, it’ll grab you by the legs and shake you down like a Polaroid picture. Well, we’re here to help you “get off the island,” and contrary to popular belief it doesn’t have to be as complicated as the plot from “Lost.”

Living Well Inexpensively

Despite the message of “bling bling” era hip-hop, you don’t need big bills to live large. Here are some for tips for how to stretch Armstrong your earned dollar.

Beginning to Invest

We’ve spent a lot of talking about “the now.” But now it’s time to talk to about the future. Smart investments are often the key to living comfortably well into your twilight years. Just steer clear of those pesky credit default swaps!

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