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For some of you, your career choice was made decades ago when you were staring at the TV and knew right then and there you wanted to be a Thundercat. For others, it wasn’t that easy. And then there those of you who still have no idea what the hell you want to do. Whichever scenario you find yourself in, we’re on your side (just like your local news team). From evaluating your options to executing your plans and beyond we’ll guide you on the path to becoming a spiffy young professional.

Preparing for the Job Hunt

Would a plumber show up to an appointment without a tubing cutter? I thought not. Finding employment requires a set of tools, and we’re here to offer you a fully equipped belt. Try it on.

Finding the Perfect Job

So you’re cocked and loaded. All that’s left is getting the perfect job in your sight. Follow our suggestions and you’ll be pulling the trigger in no time (this message was brought to you by the NRA and the Pornographic Euphemisms Society).

Settling into the Workplace

You found a job. Congratulation! But now what? Read on to find out.

Going to Graduate School

Jeez, Van Wilder, haven’t you had enough already? No? Fine. We’ve got you covered for as long it takes (or at least until the rise of Taj).

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