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Editorial Policy

At Gradspot.com, we make it our mission to help our readers thrive in life after college. In order to achieve this goal, we’ll provide all sorts of tips and tricks for moving, finding jobs, opening banks accounts, and doing all of the other exciting things that recent grads do. The products and services that we review, link to, and recommend in the process are based on our research and advice from the people we trust. We do not receive money for any of the products and services that we feature on our site or in our newsletter. Like heart, backbone, and any other parts of the human anatomy that are used as metaphors for integrity, a Gradspot.com recommendation cannot be bought.

Of course, we’ve gotta eat like everyone else, so the site also features advertising from companies that think you can use what they have to offer. However, we will always make sponsorships and advertisements abundantly clear so that you can distinguish them from our editorial content. Trust us when we say that selling out would be anathema to our dreams of developing a thriving community of well-adjusted recent grads.

Finally, rest assured that we will never provide any of your personal information to other companies without your consent.

Thank you for supporting the site—stick around and we promise to make it worth your while.

Gradspot Editorial

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