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Packed with indispensable tips, candid advice, and humorous dispatches from early adulthood, this easy to use book has everything you need to know but didn't learn in college!

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Gradspot.com's Guide to Life After College

Whether you're searching for your first apartment, navigating the treacherous waters of office politics, or just trying to figure out how the hell to file your tax return, Gradspot.com's Guide to Life After College tackles the most common issues facing twentysomethings as they find their feet in the "real world."

The editors at Gradspot.com—recent graduates ourselves— wrote this book because every other “comparable” reseource was either out of touch or out of date. Over three years in the making, this book enlists the advice of over 40 contributors, ranging from recent grads to topic experts. As a result, we cover every issue the recent grad is likely to face from a relevant and insider perspective.

In this book you'll find:

  • The best tips and tricks from our online survival guides at Gradspot.com, as well as additional material covering everything from handling an office romance to finding compatible roommates and switching your cell phone plan.
  • Thoroughly researched solutions for the most common recent grad issues, developed not only from the experiences of Gradspot writers, but also from the opinions of topic experts and other recent grads.
  • Fun, easy-to-navigate chapters that you can read on your morning commute—although not if you’re driving.
  • “Confessions of a Match.com User,” “Confessions of a Nomad,” and other hilarious anecdotes from post-college life.
  • Interviews (with rappers and PhDs alike), exhibits, top ten lists, and much more.
  • For more topics, download a copy of the table of contents.

We've also made the first chapter, "Holy $*%#, I Just Graduated," available as a free download. And after you've finished reading it, consider picking up a copy for yourself or someone you know who's graduating!

Here's a book that would make a great college graduation gift—or even better, a great gift for those still in school who could use some time getting prepared for "the real world," or for that matter, anyone looking to start afresh.” —The Hartford Courant

“What makes this guide drastically different from most on the market is not only the tone, but also the direction it gives readers. It has everything from specific sites for travel deals to job sites not readily know by the mass population. Whether you need advice on your career, housing, dating or traveling, [this book] does it all.” —College News

"I was lucky enough to get an advanced copy of the book and I quickly realized that there's a lot more to life after college than finding a job. I feel like I'm one step ahead of the game already." —Raymond Carta, Bowdoin College, Class of 2008

"I wish I had this book when I graduated. I ran into most of the issues the book raises and would have spent a lot less time trying to figure out what to do had I owned a copy." —Davina Pike, Harvard University, Class of 2006

"Gradspot.com's Guide to Life After College is sort of like having your mother whispering in your ear, if your mom were incredibly knowledgeable, very cool, said things like, 'no one likes a brown nosing sycophant,' and could be put on a shelf when you got tired of taking advice." —Andrea Hershatter, Associate Dean & BBA Program Director, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

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