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Top 10 Cities for Recent Grads

One of the most liberating realizations of recent grad-dom is that as soon as you leave campus, you are free to look for a job anywhere in the country—or just move to a new city without one if you’ve got the gumption. Of course, your decision about where to settle down (at least temporarily) after graduation will be complicated by a number of x-factors, like where your boyfriend or girlfriend lives, how much of a mama’s boy/girl you are, and what you can afford....

By Gradspot Dot Com on 8/12/09

Apartment Hunting Resources for Top Recent Grad Cities

While some buildings still put up signs reading “Rooms for Rent,” finding apartments has gone digital like everything else. Craigslist is the go-to online classified source for the independent hunter in most cities, but there are also tons of great regional and city-specific resources for both brokered and “no fee” apartments. To get you started, we’ve compiled the best apartment-hunting resources for some of the top cities for recent grads. ...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 5/12/08

The Ultimate Post-College Starter Kit

Class of 2009, your moment is now! For those still on campus, have fun and be sure to carry around some Claritin so you can say you have allergies when people accuse you of crying. Then, once you've had a second to...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 12/17/09

Low-Maintenance Pets that Won’t Break the Bank

You’ve graduated from college. Maybe you’ve got an apartment, a job, the works. But something is still missing, and that thing may very well be a pet...

By Tory Hoen on 9/29/09

The Best and Worst Cities to Look for a Job

Barack Obama said he would create more jobs, and he's lived up to his promise—at least in his new hometown. According to a study on the Best and Worst Cities to Look for a Job, Washington D.C. is a job-hunter's heaven, with six job postings for every unemployed person....

By Christopher Schonberger on 8/20/09

Apartment Hunting 101

Welcome to the real world, recent grad. If you just graduated last June, chances are now’s the time you’re frantically searching for an apartment—one of the most stressful and overwhelming challenges...

By Chris Zoia on 8/11/09

Top 10 Ways to Go Green in Your First Apartment

These days, it’s not so much “go green or go home” as “go green in your home.” Making some environmentally friendly tweaks in the crib is not only easy, but it will also cut down on your gas, water, and electricity bill. Everyone wins! ...

By Christopher Schonberger on 7/31/09

Top Ten Movies for Recent Grads

Commencement season is coming to a close once again, and around the country important people have been getting paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to grace the Class of ‘09 with some measured words that will be forgotten...

By Christopher Schonberger on 4/19/09

Top Ten Things to Do After Graduating

The best way to postpone (if not avoid) the feeling of post-grad dread is to take a step back and give yourself some time to decompress. For all the tomfoolery that goes on, college is a tough gig, and you wouldn’t be the first person to feel burnt out on commencement day....

By Christopher Schonberger on 6/19/09

The Refrigerator Lock

Thieves suck. They suck even more when they’re your roommate. And they suck the most when they repeatedly steal your food from the fridge (even if the food isn't expensive, it's the principle of it all). Well – fret no longer...

By Joan Mitchell on 2/17/09
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