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4 Reasons to Move to Paris Right Now

It’s been two months since I left New York for a new life in Paris, but sometimes I am still struck by little cultural differences that remind my why I have chosen to live here. I’m not just talking about things like delicious cuisine and stylish people and universal healthcare and...

By Tory Hoen on 9/11/08

Save Time with the Gradspot Guru Service

AVAILABLE FOR NYC TODAY (and expanding to other cities soon)!

Ever wish you had a sage sidekick who could answer all your questions about student debt and healthcare? Or a trusty personal assistant to set up your bank account and switch your cell phone provider? Sometimes the most essential things in your life are the most annoying to deal with…so why not let us take care of them for you...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 4/04/08

Are You Registered to Vote?

You’ve been glued to CNN for months, to the point that you think it literally "equals politics." You’ve gobbled up punditry by the boatload. You are politically engaged and deeply passionate about the fate of the country...

By Sarah Collins on 8/28/08

Do I Have a Lucky Face?

For the past three weeks, I have been feeling really lucky, and not just because I get to live in Paris and write blogs all day long. I know that I am lucky because a random guy on the street chased me down to say, “Excuse me. Do you know that you have a lucky face...

By Tory Hoen on 8/28/08

It's Fiiiiiinance!

Now, in my mind "banker" is just Cockney rhyming slang, not an actual profession, and I'm only semi-ashamed to admit that my level of mathematics is similar to that of an 11 year old...

By Tom Wiseman on 8/25/08

Reflections on Inglaterra

I´ve been getting a bit listless recently...so there´s only one thing for it—make a list! Listo?! New experiences, new cultures, and new perspectives often shed...

By Tom Wiseman on 8/14/08

The Grad Olympics

Are you amped that the Olympics are finally here? Yeah, me too—no matter how hard...

By Christopher Schonberger on 8/12/08

Gimme Gimme More

Boomerangers. Millenials. Kidults. Generation Debt—these are just some of the terms used to describe us twentysomethings. Why? Because we rack up crazy student debt, head back home after college, move to expensive cities even though we have horrible salaries...

By Dan Marley on 7/29/08

Bravo, L’Américaine

I live in Paris now. I know this because every morning when I wake up, I experience a brief moment of panicky, delighted confusion…I have no idea where I am! I remain disoriented until I ask myself the following questions...

By Tory Hoen on 7/17/08

You're Selling THAT?

Although you might live in a humble hole-in-the-wall, at least you don’t live in this hole-in-the-wall. The lovelylisting blog showcases photographs of atrocious domiciles from actual real estate listings. I guess with the housing market being as bad as it is, some owners have just ...

By Chris Zoia on 7/17/08
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