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Talkin' Bout My Generation...

In a recent Newsweek article called “Narcissists in Neverland,” Emily Vencat takes us Gen-Yers to task for making financial sacrifices early in our adult lives while forcing our parents to postpone their retirement to keep us going. She speaks to sociologist Jean Twenge...

By Christopher Schonberger on 10/12/07

"Mouse Hunt" Isn't Just a Bad Nathan Lane Movie - It's the Story of My Life

Remember Mouse Trap, that board game you used to play as a little kid? You would spend hours setting up the Rube Goldberg-style board, with its intricate system of little choking-inducing parts. If assembled properly, turning a crank would set all the components...

By Stephanie Berger on 11/12/07

Cheddar Ted's Life Lessons

Ever since I joined the workforce, things literally ain’t the same for Gazo the Prankstas. What that means is I've started eating oatmeal regularly and actually writing out “hahahahahahaha” in e-mails and instant message conversations. I’ve also started behaving very appropriately in...

By Cheddar Ted on 11/28/07

What Are the Best Cities for Grads?

Q: What is the best city for a recent grad? –Michael T., Boston, MA

A: Let me respond your question with one of my own, kemo sabe: Best city for what? There are a ton of “best” cities for recent graduates...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 9/11/07

Dealing with the Landlord from Hell

Sometimes it seems like there are two kinds of landlords: bad and worse. Actually, there are three: a real estate holding company (a large company that owns a lot of property, is hard to get on the phone, and that may have a management company handle...

By Josie Swindler on 9/27/07

New York: The Laziest City in the World

I’ve recently come to realize that New York City needs a new nickname. I propose that “The City that Never Sleeps” is a tired misnomer — as one of my friends observed recently, stores close in New York just as early as they do everywhere else. Sure, the lights in...

By Stephanie Berger on 9/27/07

The Curse of Moving Home

This is my first blog on the site, so I am gonna start with what I consider to be the most important life lesson any college senior can learn. If you are prone to mental instability like me, don't move back to your hometown after...

By Cheddar Ted on 10/05/07

Going Green in Your First Apartment

Now that even the Pope is offsetting his carbon emissions, if you aren’t living green, you’re not only behind the curve, but you may be sinning. Some tips can’t be repeated enough: recycle, get a reusable shopping bag, pay bills online, buy compact fluorescent light bulbs...

By Josie Swindler on 10/09/07

Driving Me Crazy

The night before I boarded my one-way plane from Arizona to New York, I went out with friends, had a few beers, and said goodbye to some people that I may not see for years. Then, on my way home, I took an extra-long route, prolonging the moment...

By Stephanie Berger on 10/11/07

How to Turbo-Charge a Trickling Shower

Q: The water pressure in my apartment is terrible and thus I never feel 100% clean. What can I do? –Charles P., New York, NY

A: Here at Gradspot.com, we don’t like to feel like we’re being peed on each time we take a shower, either. We feel for you...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 10/12/07
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