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10 Myths About Life After College

Our guest blogger today is Kristen Fischer, author of Ramen Noodles, Rent, and Resumes: An After College Guide to Life...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 6/02/08

How to Clean Stuff

Do you ever feel like you want to clean something but just don’t know where to even start? That’s how I felt when I wanted to clean my stove and also my colon. Thankfully, How to Clean Stuff is here to help. ...

By Dan Marley on 5/29/08

Guest Blog: Christine Hassler on "Smart Slacking"

Christine Hassler is a life coach and speaker, and she's author of the new book 20 Something Manifesto. In the following excerpt from her book, Hassler describes the art of “smart slacking.” To learn more about her writings...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 5/27/08

Viva Mi Revolucion

After a quiet couple of weeks I have been back rapping daily with my pen, scripting my 7 Day Theories like Makaveli out the pen. As usual I have got a lot 2Pac into The Tao of Teaching and even more that spills over into the letters that are Strictly 4 My H.O.M.I.E.Z...

By Tom Wiseman on 5/27/08

The Unofficial Guide to the DMV

Whether you’re getting a car after graduation, selling one before moving cities, or are just a really precocious 16-year-old who reads this site, you’re going to want to check out The Unofficial Guide to the DMV. It's a good launching point for almost any car-related query...

By Joan Mitchell on 5/19/08

Gradspot on NB-Sree!

When it comes to finding ways to save time and money online, we’re big fans of Sree Sreenivasan and his weekly “Sree Advice” spot every Thursday morning at 6:20 and...

By Stuart Schultz on 5/15/08

Keepin' It Realia

Que onda gueys? I gotta historia to tell... If I could change anything about my schooling it would be...

By Tom Wiseman on 5/02/08

Notes from the New Continent

Buenos Dias! I am feeling good about life in my new city and beginning to settle in. Perched high on the desert plain between two mountain ranges, San Luis Potosi is a city with a population of...

By Tom Wiseman on 4/23/08

Surviving the Apartment Rush

Amongst the 30-odd percent of this year’s grads who don’t move back home with their parents, the housing rush is about to get on and popping. Because most jobs start in late spring or early fall, these are generally very competitive times to find apartments....

By Keshav Singh on 4/22/08

First Steps

Gradiators, READY?! So, you've already graduated (or are about to) and you can live through anything if Magic made it. Tired of hearing all that crap about "the best years of your life" being behind you...

By Tom Wiseman on 4/11/08
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