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30 in 30: The Cover Letter Conundrum

Last week we talked about the importance of tailoring your resume for each position, and we mentioned the importance of customization in each and every step of the application process....

By Gradspot Dot Com on 1/19/09

Top 10 Recession Tips

There is a silver-lining to the news that the US has been in a recession since last year: it means that if you’re reading this, you’re already surviving a recession, so keep up the good work....

By Christopher Schonberger on 12/18/08

Let Your Friends Pay Your Rent

A friend of mine just lost his job and is very concerned about making his December rent payment. So what can he do to raise some cash? Throw a houseparty! (We can easily figure out where this road can take us from watching any of the college moves we've come to love.) Surprisingly enough, there's actually a history behind this concept, AND an official name: "Rent Party." ...

By Stuart Schultz on 12/17/08

DIY Holiday

We're now entering the peak of holiday season, and you may be struck with the sudden urge to throw a holiday party or just make your apartment a little more Christmasy...or Hannukah-y...or Kwanza-y...or whatever. The good news is, it doesn't have to break the bank. Tiny Tim is in fashion this year, so don't be ashamed to make a budget and check it twice....

By Dan Marley on 12/16/08

Vampire Electronics Suck Your Cash

I have a friend. And her father used to be cheap. For example, he'd ask his wife to use as few pieces of toilet paper as possible after going to the bathroom. However, along comes the environmental movement (which, by the way, we're all for), and instead of being cheap...

By Stuart Schultz on 10/29/08

Q&A with Harlon Cohen

When it comes to surviving college, Harlan Cohen is the guru that students can turn to with any question, from how to make the most of on-campus opportunities to how to decide whether or not to sleep with the cute lax player from Econ....

By Christopher Schonberger on 10/15/08

Life 101

How much of a man are you? Is that a sexist question? Popular Mechanics has a quiz that tests basic “manliness,” but it would be more appropriately labeled as a test of...

By Dan Marley on 10/03/08

L'enfer c'est l'immobilier (Hell Is Real Estate)

Remember in my last blog when I talked about the wonders of Parisian real estate? I take it all back. In terms of real estate, this week has been one of soaring highs and devastating lows. Most recently, lows. ...

By Tory Hoen on 9/29/08

The Dumpster and Craigslist, Redefined

The Internet has developed a pretty advanced marketplace for disposing of stuff you don’t want and finding people who sell what you do want. But if people didn’t believe there’s always room for improvement...

By Jason Richards on 9/26/08

Close, but No Cigar

Here's a snapshot of my life since graduating with my Masters in philosophy in June...

By on 8/04/08
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