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World's Cheapest Places: Rajasthan, India

Many India-bound travelers make a beeline for Rajasthan in the northeast, where fairy tale castles rise out of the desert like mirages and women in flame-colored saris balance pyramids of water pots atop their veiled heads. Romance and chivalry are still alive in this “land of kings,” a place of holy lakes and...

By Jenny Williams on 11/06/07

How to Paint Your Room Like a Pro

Often, one of the biggest problems with a new apartment is not what it’s missing but what it’s got: white, sterile walls that can feel a little more “insane asylum” than “awesome post-grad pad.” With the cinder blocks of the last four years a distant nightmare, you now have ...

By Josie Swindler on 11/08/07

D.I.Y. Do I Really Have To?

As I write this, I’m lounging on my comfy couch across from my IKEA dresser, which I paid a professional assembly company to put together. I’m typing on my laptop that is connected wirelessly to the Internet, because my techy friend connected my router. And I’m sipping coffee from a mug ...

By Stephanie Berger on 11/08/07

First Date Etiquette: To Kiss or Not to Kiss

First dates are like action movies: they all come down to the last five minutes, and then it’s do or die time. While I believe a first date kiss is never allowed, my female counterpart might think otherwise...

By Mr. and Mrs. Smith on 11/09/07

Fun Drinks from One Bottle of Rum

The Revolutionary War wasn’t about liberty, freedom, and all that: it was about rum. Taxes on molasses — which the colonists distilled into rotgut — united the thirteen colonies, giving them the political force to rise against...

By Mandy Erickson on 11/09/07

Survival Jobs

A job is like long pants in a blizzard—essential.

When I finished my internship with Rolling Stone in New York City, I had no job, no leads, and only a bit of delusional optimism that something was “going to happen.” I wanted to be a ...

By Brendan Fitzgibbons on 11/09/07

Backyard Tourism: NYC

Whether you just moved to New York City or have been living there for a long time, there’s a seemingly unlimited number of places to explore. Of course there’s the cliché hit list: the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. But then there’s the city’s less-visited B squad...

By Stuart Schultz on 11/12/07

Ikea: Too Good to Be True

Q: Ikea sounds too good to be true when it comes to setting up an apartment. What am I missing? – Adam Jacobs, New York

A: In some respects, nothing. Ikea is an affordable and chic alternative to higher-end furniture and décor shops...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 11/13/07

Secrets to Organizing Your Closet

In an apartment roughly the size of a closet, maximizing your actual closet space is a must. Since you don’t have time to waste, it shouldn’t take you five minutes to find a favorite shirt. You also don’t have that much room, so turning your closet into a storage compartment ...

By Josie Swindler on 11/13/07

First Date Etiquette: Preparation

Between mixers, Toga Parties, and impromptu late night dorm room visits, landing a date in college wasn’t that hard. With available hot young things all around, you may not have felt pressure to wow ’em and zow ’em on a first date. But finding a great date in the real world is a bit more difficult. So when you do...

By Mr. and Mrs. Smith on 11/14/07
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