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Going Green in Your First Apartment

Now that even the Pope is offsetting his carbon emissions, if you aren’t living green, you’re not only behind the curve, but you may be sinning. Some tips can’t be repeated enough: recycle, get a reusable shopping bag, pay bills online, buy compact fluorescent light bulbs...

By Josie Swindler on 10/09/07

Write Now, Because Tomorrow Ain't Promised Today

If you died tonight, would you be happy how your life turned out?

Should you feel, like 50 Cent, that all your ducks are in order to pass peacefully into the afterlife, then I commend you. But honestly, I don’t think that’s a sentiment you should be...

By Christopher Schonberger on 10/09/07

Memoirs of a Coffee Drinker

Greetings, Gradspotters. Today’s lesson will focus on success, something that we all strive for in our own unique ways. Let’s start with a simple question exercise: Raise your hand if you drink coffee...

By Christopher Schonberger on 10/09/07

Easy Pasta Dishes

By now, the lazy days of college have faded into the past, taking with them frat party keg stands, sketchy mystery meats, and the ubiquitous Easy-Mac. Good riddance to the skeezy parties and mystery meats, but there is definitely something to the idea of a quick and...

By Erin Hartigan on 10/10/07

Driving Me Crazy

The night before I boarded my one-way plane from Arizona to New York, I went out with friends, had a few beers, and said goodbye to some people that I may not see for years. Then, on my way home, I took an extra-long route, prolonging the moment...

By Stephanie Berger on 10/11/07

Weird Pictures!

It’s Friiiiiddddaayyyyyy!!!!!!!

In lieu of any good stories from ex-cons this week, today’s Procrastinator comes in pictorial form, courtesy of Dark Roasted Blend. The site claims to be an archive of “weird and wonderful things,” and that is basically accurate...

By Christopher Schonberger on 10/12/07

The Ultimate Oktoberfest

In a My Super Sweet Sixteen-worthy move, Germany’s King Ludwig I decided to kick off his first year of marriage with a raucous royal horse race. Little did he know that his penchant for romance—because what girl wouldn’t want her love celebrated with all of drunken...

By Julia Bonnheim on 10/12/07

How to Turbo-Charge a Trickling Shower

Q: The water pressure in my apartment is terrible and thus I never feel 100% clean. What can I do? –Charles P., New York, NY

A: Here at Gradspot.com, we don’t like to feel like we’re being peed on each time we take a shower, either. We feel for you...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 10/12/07

Tricking Out Your Apartment for Halloween

When we were kids, celebrating the most pagan of holidays was as easy as peeling grapes and telling your kid sister you’d discovered a bowl of eyeballs. Memories… But as we got older and the Halloween costumes got more high concept (from cowgirl to, umm, sexy cowgirl)...

By Josie Swindler on 10/12/07

Irony of the Day: A Cell Phone Company Teaches Time-Saving Techniques

One of the greatest challenges of grad life is time-management. Most recent grads are just as ineffectual as they were in college, but for slightly different reasons. In college, the amount of free time is so vast and overwhelming that you feel paralyzed to perform even the simplest task—everything feels like...

By Christopher Schonberger on 10/15/07
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