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Healthy Breakfast on the Run

When the alarm is blaring on Monday morning, the choice between snoozing for an extra 10 minutes and getting up to make breakfast isn’t a tough one. Sleep wins every time. But Michael Jordan might not have become a champion without his Breakfast Club, and I’m betting...

By Erin Hartigan on 9/05/07

The Consummate Grad: Air Travel

A lot of people are always traveling, especially around Thanksgiving, and there’s a lot of merit in that. But for many people, air travel has become just another chance to behave inappropriately. And I’m not talking about ripping cigarettes in the bathroom or yelling willy nilly...

By Cheddar Ted on 9/06/07

Cyber Monday!

Thanksgiving is over and shopping spree season has returned. I don’t know too much about the economy, but it’s hard to believe there’s a looming recession when you watch hordes of grubby middle-aged women claw at bargain bins and fill shopping carts with complete crap...

By Christopher Schonberger on 9/07/07

How to Travel for a Living

Ready to think outside the cubicle? Here are ten jobs that will take you places—literally.

Travel Writer
Now that most writer-editor...

By Jenny Williams on 9/07/07

What Are the Best Cities for Grads?

Q: What is the best city for a recent grad? –Michael T., Boston, MA

A: Let me respond your question with one of my own, kemo sabe: Best city for what? There are a ton of “best” cities for recent graduates...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 9/11/07

Finding Good Wine for Cheap

My wine of choice these days cost me $6 a bottle. It also comes with a screw top and a label that looks like a badly drawn Hallmark card. You'd never think such a hideous bottle at such a low price would contain anything other than swill. But the Shenandoah Vineyards 2005...

By Mandy Erickson on 9/11/07

Confessions of a Match.com User

There’s another new kid on the online dating block, and it preys on the most pervasive of all human urges: impulsiveness. Crazy Blind Date allows users in New York, Boston, San Francisco, and Austin to plug in their location and a few preferences, then go on a date RIGHT NOW! It sort of makes sense...

By Christopher Schonberger on 9/11/07

Recipe of the Week: Bubble and Squeak

British cuisine is full of oddly named delicacies. Spotted dick, toad in the hole, crumpet. All sound like the name of an adult movie that might star Diego Maradona. Beneath the absurdity of the nomenclature and decades of bashing by foodies, British dining relies on simple flavors...

By Nick Schonberger on 9/20/07

How Depressing Is Your Work Space?

Here at Gradspot.com, we try our best to avoid depression and lower lumbar problems by maintain soft lighting, circulating a nice through-draft, and rocking the Vocazo Black Mesh Manager’s Chair from Staples. As resident editor-on-the-run, I also work...

By Christopher Schonberger on 9/21/07

Travel Like a Ninja: Going International in Five Days or Less

Coming to terms with the working world’s painfully small amount of vacation time has been an extremely difficult task. After being cruelly conditioned to an academic life of built-in vacations, a paltry 15 days of time off is almost unfathomable...

By Julia Bonnheim on 9/23/07
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