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Healthy Breakfast on the Run

By Erin Hartigan

When the alarm is blaring on Monday morning, the choice between snoozing for an extra 10 minutes and getting up to make breakfast isn’t a tough one. Sleep wins every time. But Michael Jordan might not have become a champion without his Breakfast Club, and I’m betting that his breakfast schedule didn’t rely on Dunkin’ Donuts and the bagel shop. To help you be like Mike, here are some ideas for breakfasts that will let you hit snooze and still tackle the day like an all-star.

For over-sleepers, the key to a good breakfast is working ahead. With a spare hour over the weekend, make a few breakfast choices that you can bag, freeze, and pull out needed.


I am not a Dead-head, but I do have a thing for granola. On nights when I stay in to listen to old Phish shows (kidding), I make a big batch of granola to last me through the week. Granola tastes change from person to person, so you can customize it to suit you. I hate raisins, but love cranberries, cherries and even apricots in mine. I mix in toasted almonds and walnuts for healthy fats and flax seeds for Omega-3 fatty acids. I’ll occasionally add peanut butter or coconut to change things up. Once the granola has cooled, bag it and shelve it for up to a month. When it comes time for breakfast, mix it into milk or yogurt for a heart-healthy breakfast.

Egg Muffins

Take away the “Mc” prefix and egg muffins are more McDonald’s All-American than Fast Food Nation. These egg muffins are like compact omelets that are packed with protein and easy as can be. You can mix in any vegetables and cheese you like, substitute egg beaters for eggs, and make them to your taste with hot sauce, pepper, curry leaves, or any other spicing. Bake them in muffin tins and then freeze them. Whenever you want one, nuke it or throw it in the toaster oven for a breakfast on-the-go. Whole grain muffins are another freezer-friendly breakfast treat.

Peanut Butter and Melon

When you don’t even have time for granola or quiche cups, peanut butter on whole grain toast gives enough protein to get you through the morning, and pre-sliced melon is always refreshing. If all else fails, I’m sure Michael Jordan would approve of Wheaties as a back-up plan.

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