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How Depressing Is Your Work Space?

By Christopher Schonberger

Here at Gradspot.com, we try our best to avoid depression and lower lumbar problems by maintain soft lighting, circulating a nice through-draft, and rocking the Vocazo Black Mesh Manager’s Chair from Staples. As resident editor-on-the-run, I also work remotely from time to time, and let me tell you this: there are MAD people in New York City who do absolutely nothing except drink coffees and walk around. What the hell’s going on?

Things haven’t always been so cushy, though. There was a time when I worked in the kitchen/utility closet of an online advertising firm, utilizing only my own laptop, a collapsible chair, and an Ethernet cable shared between three people. We didn’t actually work for the ad firm, so when people came into the room to make some coffee or grab their Fage yogurt out of the fridge, they would be momentarily paralyzed by the strong scent of gas and then they would say something like, “What are you jokers up to today!?” We would laugh manically and then hold our heads in our hands while playing ‘Last Resort” at a respectful volume. Salad days…

Anyway, Wired recently held a Saddest Cubicle Competition, and the winners were announced earlier this week. They are certainly quite depressing, as is the concept of a cubicle in general. But honestly, I feel that I could have competed back in the day…

We sincerely hope you wouldn’t crack the top 100. If you think you would, we suggest getting a Wallbanger made out of a picture of a nicer office and slapping it right behind your computer screen. We would say it works a charm, but that would be a lie!

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