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First Date Etiquette: To Kiss or Not to Kiss

First dates are like action movies: they all come down to the last five minutes, and then it’s do or die time. While I believe a first date kiss is never allowed, my female counterpart might think otherwise...

By Mr. and Mrs. Smith on 11/09/07

Fun Drinks from One Bottle of Rum

The Revolutionary War wasn’t about liberty, freedom, and all that: it was about rum. Taxes on molasses — which the colonists distilled into rotgut — united the thirteen colonies, giving them the political force to rise against...

By Mandy Erickson on 11/09/07

Backyard Tourism: NYC

Whether you just moved to New York City or have been living there for a long time, there’s a seemingly unlimited number of places to explore. Of course there’s the cliché hit list: the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Metropolitan Museum of Art, etc. But then there’s the city’s less-visited B squad...

By Stuart Schultz on 11/12/07

First Date Etiquette: Preparation

Between mixers, Toga Parties, and impromptu late night dorm room visits, landing a date in college wasn’t that hard. With available hot young things all around, you may not have felt pressure to wow ’em and zow ’em on a first date. But finding a great date in the real world is a bit more difficult. So when you do...

By Mr. and Mrs. Smith on 11/14/07

World's Cheapest Places: Laos

Laos, a landlocked country in budget-friendly Southeast Asia, boasts one of the best—and cheapest—trails in the region. Basic room and board (low-end guesthouses and three restaurant meals) costs $5 to $10 a day, traveling with friends will cut the price of a hotel room in half, and eating...

By Jenny Williams on 11/16/07

Recipe of the Week: Sausage and Frites Sandwich

After a tough day in the office, you may feel a bit like the French footballing genius Zinedine Zidane: tired, emotional, and ready to strike the next co-worker or roommate that crosses you with a vicious head-butt. Better recourse is to just act a bit less like...

By Nick Schonberger on 11/28/07

Recipe of the Week: The Wickedest Cheese on Toast

You're largin'; it with the lads. You've had a few pints and maybe a few cheeky tequilas, and now it's time for a meal. Should you splash out on a curry? Jog around the corner and grab a burrito? Both of those options are sound, but have you thought about...

By Nick Schonberger on 11/28/07

You Can Find Me In Da Club

A belly stuffed with turkey does not make a great accessory to my best party dress and pair of heels. I sported all three, however, as I headed to Chelsea on the weekend after Thanksgiving with an out-of-towner friend. Our goal was to get into the supposedly all-exclusive...

By Stephanie Berger on 12/03/07

Turkey Soup Provencal

When I spent two years living in a rustic old New England fishing village, there were days when the wind off the bay chilled right to the bones. With dusk hitting at 4:30 and the streets barren, it took a great meal to soothe the soul and restore the spirits...

By Nick Schonberger on 12/03/07
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