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Recipe of the Week: Sausage and Frites Sandwich

By Nick Schonberger

After a tough day in the office, you may feel a bit like the French footballing genius Zinedine Zidane: tired, emotional, and ready to strike the next co-worker or roommate that crosses you with a vicious head-butt. Better recourse is to just act a bit less like the brutal, overly proud Zidane and more like hungry, humorously bald Zidane. How? By eating a delicious sausage and frite sandwich.

One of the great street foods of ethnically diverse southern France is a merguez sausage sandwich. Commonly made of lamb and spiced with paprika and cayenne, this sausage packs a cheeky punch and satisfies even a world-class footballer’s hunger. Harissa, a hot sauce with the same North African origins as the sausage, is the perfect condiment.

To make the sandwiches you will need:

  • Merguez sausages (however many you think you need feed you and your squad)
  • A package of frozen shoe string fries
  • Crusty French bread (1 or 2 loaves)
  • Harissa (or mustard)

Preparation instructions

1) Preheat oven to the temperature required by the fries.

2) Arrange fries on baking sheet and place sausages in a separate baking sheet.

3) When oven has reached peak temperature, place both fries and sausages in oven. Cook until fries are crisp and sausages are firm and hot to the touch.

4) Cut bread into suitable size chunks and hollow out to provide the most space for the sausage and frite filling.

5) Cover bread with harissa (or mustard if you wish).

6) Place fries and sausage in bread and consume. Back of the net!

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