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The Dumpster and Craigslist, Redefined

By Jason Richards

The Internet has developed a pretty advanced marketplace for disposing of stuff you don’t want and finding people who sell what you do want. But if people didn’t believe there’s always room for improvement, the Internet wouldn’t be so American. And we all know the ‘net is mad American. Here are two interesting new sites poking their heads into this bazaar-like region of the World Wide Web:

Search All Craig’s Lists. What if you are looking for a job or a cross bow, but you don’t care if it’s in the city you live? This site let’s you search all of Craigslist, which is especially useful for recent grads who are not necessarily tied to one place, or for people looking for really weird stuff.

Get Rid of Things. Getting rid of a coffee table is one thing, but what about more intangible annoyances like stress, hangovers, bad credit, and dust mites? This growing library of how-tos tackles these issues and more, all with a sense of humor unique to "college kids with no money." Also, check out their suspiciously similar competitor, How to Get Rid of Stuff.

Via Thrillist

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