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The Gradspot Awards 2009

Here at Gradspot, we make it our business to troll the Web for anything that can help readers with their transition to life after college. While our writers and guest bloggers have tons of tips, tricks, and jokes of their own, we know that there’s a lot of other great content out there to share...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 5/05/09

The Art of Photoshopping

"FAKE!" ...

By Christopher Schonberger on 5/01/09

Best of All Worlds

Since I moved to Paris, a few of my friends back home have labeled me an America-hater, or more specifically, a New York-hater. Not true and not true! I am tired of being accused of urban infidelity. I refuse to choose...

By Tory Hoen on 4/27/09

Grandma's Roast Potatoes (with a Twist)

When I'm visiting my grandparents in London, every Sunday brings the promise of a traditional English roast: chicken, greens, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, and roast potatoes. To be honest, I don't know exactly how to make my grandmother's roast potatoes, but observational evidence would suggest that it involves smothering them with disgusting amount of grease. ...

By Christopher Schonberger on 4/22/09

Do You Hate the Timesheet Guy?

Hate filing time sheets? You're not alone. Let of some steam and procrastinate away with this free web game, literally named I Hate Timesheets....

By Dan Marley on 4/15/09

Israeli Couscous and Arugula Salad

Today's guest recipe comes from Michael Hoffman—philosopher, gentleman, and ace chef. Check out more recipes and mouth-watering pics at CONSUMED(I,THIS). ...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 4/15/09

What's the Sickest City?

Living in a city has many perils, not the least of which is the hordes of sniffling, coughing, disgusting sick people walking around like plague-riddled zombies ready to infect you with their presence. But now, thanks to Sick City, you know when it's safe to venture out and when you risk being felled by the bleary-eyed masses....

By Christopher Schonberger on 4/14/09

Essential Post-Grad Social Skills

Today's guest post is from Vince at Scordo.com. Click here to subscribe to his feed. ...

By Gradspot Dot Com on 4/13/09

The Search Party: Three Ex-Pats Tackle the Job-Hunt from Hong Kong

The grass is always greener in Asia… or at least it was. Gradspot's Asia correspondent, Emily Post, reports on Americans facing unemployment in Hong Kong and how they handle the search for professional stability while abroad....

By on 4/06/09

Itza Meatball Festival!

Meatballs are delicious. Plus, there are multiple things you can do with them...like A) toss them in some spaghetti, or B) make yourself a grinder. Either way, you won't go wrong. Another plus: it is pretty impossible to screw up meatballs. Here is a simple way of cooking up a classic...

By Nick Schonberger on 4/06/09
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