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The Gradspot Awards 2009

By Gradspot Dot Com

Here at Gradspot, we make it our business to troll the Web for anything that can help readers with their transition to life after college. While our writers and guest bloggers have tons of tips, tricks, and jokes of their own, we know that there’s a lot of other great content out there to share—whether that’s a library of company profiles from Vault or a hilarious video from Jake and Amir. So, in the spirit of honoring those who help us serve you better, we decided to throw together the first annual Gradspot Awards. Who knows—this time next year the ceremony could be on SpikeTV. (Put it this way: it wouldn't be the worst awards show they've ever aired!)

Without further ado...Carrot Top, the envelopes please.

Best Career Blog

Lindsey Pollak
Runner Up: Water Cooler Wisdom

Best Career Resource

Runner Up: QuintCareers

Best Apartment Site

Apartment Therapy
Runner Up: DoItYourself.com

Best Personal Finance Site

I'll Teach You How to Get Rich
Runner Up: Young Money

Best Personal Finance Tool

Runner Up: FiLife

Best Site for Aspiring Chefs

Food Network

Runner Up: Epicurious

Best Place to Procrastinate

Jake and Amir
Runner Up: MTV Music

Best Place to Listen to Free Music

Runner Up: imeem

Best Self-Promotion Tool

Runner Up: Twitter

Best Show for Making Monday Bearable

Gossip Girl

Gradspot Special Mentions (aka Our Favorite Sites)

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