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Save Time with the Gradspot Guru Service

By Gradspot Dot Com

AVAILABLE FOR NYC TODAY (and expanding to other cities soon)!

Ever wish you had a sage sidekick who could answer all your questions about student debt and healthcare? Or a trusty personal assistant to set up your bank account and switch your cell phone provider? Sometimes the most essential things in your life are the most annoying to deal with…so why not let us take care of them for you?

The Gradspot Guru service takes the guesswork and hassle out of setting up your life after college. And the best part? It's free to you.

To use Gradspot Guru, all you’ll have to do is call or submit an online form in order to describe your preferences and let us know which of the following areas you need help with:

  • Finding the best credit cards to boost your credit rating
  • Selecting the right bank and opening an account
  • Figuring out what neighborhood to live in and finding a trustworthy real-estate broker
  • Changing your residency status
  • Switching your cell phone plan to a local provider
  • Navigating and selecting healthcare
  • Installing fake walls in your apartment
  • And more!
  • From there, we can make personalized recommendations for the choices that make the most sense for you. And, if you want, we'll even set everything up for you.

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