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Use the Inc. 500 for Job Hunting

As I mentioned in August, when it comes to finding a job in this tough economy, sometimes it's easier to turn to smaller companies that are less bureaucratic in their hiring practices and more likely to speak to a grad who just picks up a phone and gives them a ring. The difficulty is in actually finding these successful, private, small companies. Lucky for you...

By Stuart Schultz on 9/23/09

Lifehacker's Top 10 How To Cooking Videos

Sometimes providing a weekly recipe just isn't enough. Sometimes you have to go back to basics. Basics like, "How to Sauce Pasta the Right Way," or "Slice and Dice Onions Like a Pro." Luckily for us, Lifehacker has compiled their list of top ten how-to cooking videos. And one even stars Christopher Walken...

By Joan Mitchell on 9/22/09

Book Review: "I Will Teach You To Be Rich"

The name is a lot to get past. For me, it conjures images of people in Hawaiian t-shirts, converging on Vegas en masse, to attend a "how to get rich" seminar which actually is nothing more than a giant pyramid scheme. Surprisingly though, I couldn't recommend this book more...

By Stuart Schultz on 9/17/09

Marriage as Response to Economic Crisis: Don’t Do It!

Times are tough. We know this. And for recent graduates, they’re extra tough. The challenges of landing a first job and establishing financial independence are daunting enough. Add a global economic meltdown into the equation, and you’ve got a recipe for a first-rate quarter life...

By Tory Hoen on 9/15/09

Club Swine And Your Health Care

I remember the good old days of freshman year: parties on frat row and in college town, pursuing the highest level of academic achievements late night in the stacks, and the all-you-can-eat cafeteria buffets. It was new...

By Stuart Schultz on 9/09/09

Debit Cards and Overdraft Protection

After missing monthly payments on credit cards too many times, or charging more than you could afford and racking up credit card debt, a logical decision would be to scrap the Amex and pick up a debit card...

By Keshav Singh on 9/15/09

Why Unpaid Internships Are Hard to Find

Whether you're in college and looking for experience or just graduated without a job, we've always championed unpaid internships as a vehicle to get your foot in a door, build your network, and pick up some skills. But as those of you who've explored this option probably figured out, they're difficult to find...

By Sarah Collins on 9/08/09

Volunteering: If Companies Do It, So Should You

We have long advocated volunteer work as a great way to expand your skill set, network with new people, and stay engaged during a long job-hunt. But even we were surprised to read in The Wall Street Journal that small businesses are doing the exact same thing (Firms Fight Slump with Pro Bono Work)....

By Joan Mitchell on 9/02/09

Making the Most of a Trip Back Home

We all love the trip home. Back to the over-comforted bed; our favorite family pet; long, huge meals; and our parents’ personal TLC fit for an 8-year-old (we love dearly, even if we are almost a quarter of a century years old). But some of us might not be getting as much bang out of our trip home as we could. After all, why leave all of the perks at the door?...

By Lauren Gerber on 8/28/09

Turn Your TV Addiction Into a Career Guide

If you are looking for an intellectual excuse for watching six straight episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Tanner Stransky, an editorial assistant at Entertainment Weekly, has taken lessons from TV shows and written a guide that can transform your TV addiction into a productive career building session. ...

By Lauren Gerber on 8/03/09
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