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The Grad Olympics

Are you amped that the Olympics are finally here? Yeah, me too—no matter how hard...

By Christopher Schonberger on 8/12/08

Live Cheaply: Eat out of a Dumpster

In the past, only liberal arts majors had to scrounge around for food in garbage bins. Not anymore. Enter the freegans (free + vegan) the newest iteration of hippies who make political statements about the excessive waste produced by Western consumer society...

By Chris Zoia on 8/11/08

Off to Mongolia

I'm "mailing" this post in via BlackBerry because I've been hustling like a madman to get ready for my trip to...Mongolia!?! There was a time when I never would have predicted that I'd ever go to Mongolia, but life is funny like that...

By Christopher Schonberger on 8/07/08

Money Saving Tricks

The reason why saving money is so difficult is because it usually involves convincing yourself you don't want things you actually do want and telling yourself that, no, you didn't "earn" a Starbucks latte by waking up on time for work....

By Chris Zoia on 8/05/08

Floundering Auto Industry = Good for Grads

Automobile sales plunged this summer due to the high price of oil and the short supply of fuel-efficient cars. If you’re looking to nab a new set of wheels, work this recent slump in the car industry to your advantage. ...

By Chris Zoia on 7/30/08

Gimme Gimme More

Boomerangers. Millenials. Kidults. Generation Debt—these are just some of the terms used to describe us twentysomethings. Why? Because we rack up crazy student debt, head back home after college, move to expensive cities even though we have horrible salaries...

By Dan Marley on 7/29/08

Eat Cheap 2008

Now that we’ve fallen upon hard times, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to wine-and-dine at an affordable price. Thankfully, New York Magazine's Eat Cheap 2008 guide can help grads in NYC navigate the best budget eats without sacrificing quality. ...

By Chris Zoia on 7/22/08

Do You Like to "Do It Yourself"!?!?

Global warming and the rising cost of oil are forcing AC users to face a conundrum: kill the environment and your wallet, or perspire to the point that you genuinely find PBR's "refreshing." Luckily, there's a compromise....

By Chris Zoia on 7/14/08

Federal Student Debt Interest Rates Slashed by 50% Today

With gas prices, unemployment, and inflation all on the rise, recent graduates could really use a financial break. Well, today’s the day. Thanks to the economy’s Lohan-like bender, the interest rate for federal student loans plummets today, July 1st, from a weighty 6.62% to a wispy 3.62%...

By Rachel Solomon on 7/01/08

Keep Track of Your Life (because your Mom has her own)

Given the exigencies of modern life, planners have become an annoying necessity for people who have more to do on the average weekday than leveling up their characters on World of Warcraft. If you’re incredibly anal (like yours truly) or if you just want to maintain the illusion of being organized...

By Chris Zoia on 7/01/08
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