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Do You Like to "Do It Yourself"!?!?

By Chris Zoia

Global warming and the rising cost of oil are forcing AC users to face a conundrum: kill the environment and your wallet, or perspire to the point that you genuinely find PBR's "refreshing." Luckily, there's a compromise. Along with a magical trick for cooling warm PBRs in under two minutes, Lifehacker’s Top 10 Summer Projects includes a nifty solution for DIY air-conditioning that will only run you $30.

Firstly, try blocking out excess heat in your apartment by hanging foam-and-foil curtains over your windows. Then, construct your own gangster AC unit with a fan and a tall bucket of ice water. And voilà: You 1, Swamp Ass 0! Now if only someone could invent jeans that don’t peel off your skin like saran wrap at the end of a scorching day. One can only dream…

Top 10 Summer Projects [via Lifehacker]

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