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The Grad Olympics

By Christopher Schonberger

Challenge #6: Speed Dating

The clock is ticking—soon you will be a sad, unmarried thirtysomething with no friends and a Whatchamacallit addiction! (Only joking.) This is the event that Chinese censors don’t want you to see. Training Regime: Online Dating, Dating Long Distance, Joining a University Club

Challenge #7: Further Education

Get your Billy Madison on and learn everything you ignored in school. Get your mind right and the rest will follow. Training Regime: Check out the “Grad 2.0 Plan” in The Gradspot.com Guide to Life After College

Challenge #8: Office Gauntlet

Gracefully sidestepping a colleague to snag that promotion. Carrying eight Starbucks beverages of different sizes at the same time. Making out with the intern amidst a minefield of office supplies. These are the challenges of the OFFICE GAUNTLET. Training Regime: Avoiding Office Politics Pitfalls, Attending Work Events, Getting Involved in an Office Romance, Internet, Email, and Phone Use in the Workplace

Challenge #9: Corporate Golfing

Yeah, you heard right. Training Regime: Corporate Golfing

Challenge #10: Medic, Medic!

Unlike the real Olympics, the Grad Olympics force competitors to arrange their own medical care in the case of an injury. Slack here and the rest of the events could quickly become irrelevant. Training Regime: Getting Healthcare Without a Job, Understanding Health Insurance, Finding a Great Doctor, Managing Medical Emergencies

Let the Games begin!

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