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Welcome WomenCo Readers!

By Gradspot Dot Com

Today is a very special day. No, not because we have a new president who most people don't hate (though that is pretty cool). And not because Real World: Brooklyn is on (also cool). Rather, we're excited to welcome our new readers from WomenCo, a fantastic resource for career-minded women.

So in the interest of being good hosts, here's a little tour of our e-Crib. We hope Gradspot can help you with your career goals, as well as any other challenges that life after college throws your way.

  • If you're looking for answers to the most common issues facing twentysomethings, check out our Survival Guides, which are in-depth how-to articles covering everything from acing an interview to making money while you're unemployed.
  • For all things job related, take a gander at our Career channel.
  • We're currently in the mist of a special series, "30 in 30: The Insider's Guide to Job-Hunting in '09," which features one job tip a day for 30 days. Click here to see everything you've missed so far.
  • Our book, Gradspot.com's Guide to Life After College, is available for download as a free e-book.

We've also got tons of other content, including personal finance tips, apartment hunting advice, blogs from other twentysomethings, and hard-hitting cultural criticism like The Anti-Blackberry Manifesto. Take your coat off and stay awhile, and check back in for some very exciting things we've got in the pipeline, not the least of which is a continued relationship with our new friends at WomenCo.

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