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On Jobs and Dreams

By Stephanie Berger

The details My ex-boyfriend shows up in New York and puts the moves on me, including giving me a sultry massage. But there’s a twist: he’s brought his new girlfriend, who is also trying to seduce me!

Dream decoded According to the dream dictionary, the ex-giving-massage scenario means I need to let go of my defensiveness and learn to trust people again. Seeing his new girlfriend may be my way of confronting issues that I would normally ignore. And the seduction? It’s a reflection on my feelings of being lured into doing something that I would regret.

Analysis accuracy Since I ended my relationship with the ex in question years ago, I don’t have any trust issues left with him, and I’m not afraid to confront him about his new gf — I’m happy for him. Plus unfortunately, no one’s seducing me in my real life, and if they did, I certainly wouldn’t regret it!

So while my dreams may or may not be a reflection of my waking life, my search for meaning in them has helped me come to one conclusion: I don’t even need a DVR — my own head is full of plenty of entertaining programming.

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