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On Jobs and Dreams

By Stephanie Berger

The details I’m back in Arizona and riding a motorcycle home to my apartment, where I live with my two best friends from college. But I keep getting lost and falling off the bike.

Dream decoded The dream dictionary says the motorcycle symbolizes my desire for freedom and adventure, signifying that I might be trying to escape from a responsibility in my waking life. Having my friends in my dream shows that there are “aspects of [my] personality that [I] have rejected, but [I am] ready to integrate these rejected part[s].” Being lost suggests that I am struggling to adjust to a new situation, while falling means that I am experiencing a lack of control in my life.

Analysis accuracy I don’t know about a need for adventure — I’d be perfectly happy with a day off to clean my apartment. But having just hit the one-month point at my new job, I do have some anxieties, and I am struggling to showcase my hard work. As for integrating the rejected parts of my personality — I have no idea what the hell that means.

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