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Worst. Internship. Ever.

By Dan Marley

Most aspiring journos across the country would probably murk someone for an internship at The New York Sun, but little do they know what it’s all about. Thought you’d just be cracking jokes about Eliot Spitzer and chilling with silver-tongued neocons? Turns out it’s more like Devil Wears Prada, minus the parties and fashionable people.

While record label interns leak hot new songs onto YouTube, a vengeful ex-Sun intern has decided to leak the paper’s “Guidelines for Interns” to the broadsheet-bashing bloggers at Gawker. Some highlights:

  • Dress Code. “Interns will not be admitted to the newsroom without a suit and tie – matching jackets and slacks, belt, white or blue shirt, necktie properly knotted – for men or dress business attire for women. On Sundays it is acceptable to wear casual business attire, which means, for men, a sport jacket, clean, long-sleeved shirt, necktie, and wool slacks (khakis and other cotton slacks are not permitted), and for women, comparable casual business attire.” (If I were a woman, I would be rather confused).
  • Hours. “Internships will be terminated for any intern who, between 6 p.m. and the end of the press run, fails to answer calls to his or her mobile phone for more than 30 minutes. It is therefore recommended that subway rides of more than 30 minutes be avoided.” (No worries, you can just get a nice apartment in Tribeca with that intern salary.)
  • Bylines. "Interns who ask about a byline or complain about a byline will be terminated." (Hopefully no aspiring writers want to intern.)

Interns Banned from Long Subway Rides [via Gawker]

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