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The Worst Colleges in America

By Joan Mitchell

Everyone loves to hate on the annual college rankings issued by the likes of Princeton Review and U.S. News & World Reports. But the folks at Radar have done something about it, taking the opposite tact to present “Bad Education: A semiscientific guide to the worst colleges in America.”

Having always believed that the college you choose doesn’t matter nearly as much as some people would have you think, I sort of agree with the approach—just tell people the places to definitely not go and everything will be all good. Radar’s “Dishonor Roll” celebrates such ignominious distinctions as Ugliest Campus (Drexel), Worst College in America (University of Bridgeport), and Most Insufferable (Swarthmore).

To be fair though, some categories might actually be more “bad meaning good” than actually bad—for example, Most Stoned (UC-Santa Cruz) and Most Superficial (USC).

Check out the list and count yourself lucky that you didn’t attend one of these schools. Or, if you did and you think the Radar staff is out of line, let us know why in the comments.

Bad Education: A semiscientific guide to the worst colleges in America [via Radar]

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