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Where Do You Watch Free TV?

By Jason Richards

Used to be that if you asked a friend “How do you watch Scrubs?”, the answer would be pretty simple: On the couch, in my Spiderman pajamas. But now it’s like a whole conversation—“Oh, I get it on iTunes and watch it on the elliptical.” “Ooohhh, I download it for free from Bit Torrent and watch it in my parents’ basement.” “OMG, I watch it on Hulu during my lunch break!”

One of the drawbacks of democracy in general is too much choice, and watching television shows for free is no different. Thankfully, Gizmodo has put together a handy guide for figuring out which networks have their online game strong and which are in need of an episode of Video Player: Extreme Makeover Edition!

A Complete Guide to Watching Your Favorite TV Shows (Legally) without Paying a Dime [via Gizmodo]

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