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What's the Most American Thing You Can Think Of?

By Dan Marley

It's July the 4th weekend. And you know what that means! Time to kill a sixer of Bud, pop into a shop, and just buy yourself a gun. Time to let off illegal fireworks and eat a turducken. Time to catch a flight to a foreign land and anger the native population by being loud and overweight!

Or, alternatively, you could just try these uber-American options:

* Prepare a delectable July 4th picnic, and learn how to make fried chicken. [via Chowhound]

* Get your mouth around some Hardee's b-holes. [via AdAge]

* Rent a Chevy Camero and blast ZZ Top on a highway. Doesn't matter where you go, as long as it requires a lot of gas.

* Check out 7 cool July 4th traditions around the country. [via Digg]

* Get yourself invited to someone's "lakehouse."

* Hate on Canada Day.

* Watch this:

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