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Welcome to Gradspot 2.0

By Gradspot Dot Com

Surely you've all heard the rumors on TMZ by now, so let's not beat around the bush: Gradspot.com is back! Paparazzi have been hounding our offices like a pack of wolves, but we’re finally ready to unveil the fruits of our labor: Gradspot 2.0. We’re incredibly excited to invite you to this new chapter in the GSpot story. We know you’ll find that, like any great book, it improves with every read.

Looking around, you’ll see that some things haven’t changed. We've still got tons of survival guides dealing with issues like Writing the Perfect Cover Letter and Tackling Taxes, and we're adding new guides quicker than you can Google "answers to all of my questions." We still have an awesome team of writers whipping up daily tips and tricks to help you crack the code of life after college. And we're still keeping our ear to the 'nets for grad-related news and links.

But it's not all same old, same old. Take a gander. Old users will be pleased with the added functionalities and fresh new design, and newcomers who have no basis for comparison will just be impressed anyway. On top of that, anyone who wants Gradspot.com content delivered directly to their inboxes can now sign up for our thrice weekly newsletter. At least one of them is bound to be the "Email of the Week" (as voted by our mothers).

We're excited to launch this new stage of Gradspot.com and look forward to helping you make the most of life after college. Stay tuned for more tools, more content, and more photos of things that may or may not relate to the articles you read (don't mind our editor's obsession with wildlife—he's a bit odd).


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