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Labor Day Weekend is finally here, and if you're a member of the Class of 2008, you may notice a subconscious twinge of terror induced by the word "labor." No, not because of what you did nine months ago around New Year's (hopefully), but because you're probably beginning to wonder how much longer you can chill at Chez Mom and Dad sans a job. Or you've started working and you can't believe you're this excited to have a day off.

Wherever you're at along the post-college road, Gradspot is here to make the transition to the "real world" a little easier—not just in terms of getting jobs and keeping them, but also all the other stuff that comes with being a twentysomething: leasing apartments, dealing with personal finances, adapting to a new social scene, and much more. If you're joining us for the first time, take a little tour de website to see how Gradspot can best help you:

  • Survival Guides. Our library of 100+ how-to articles covers all of the most common issues facing recent grads. Ultimately, this is why we built the site—to provide answers that aren't generic, but are rather geared specifically toward recent grads.
  • Gradspot Guru. Our personalized concierge service will help you set up your life after college—open a new bank account, switch to a new cell phone plan, find a trusted real-estate broker, and more. Best of all, it's free (as long as you don't throw a Blackberry at us).
  • Daily Content. Check the homepage every day for new content, including Confessions of a Recent Graduate (real-life stories from other grads), Front Page Flash (a weekly news roundup), and Grad Watch, where we scour the net for all things grad-related.
  • Message Boards. Got a question that hasn't been answered? Or want to pass along your own tips, tricks, and stories? Hit up our message boards to parlay with other recent grads going through the same things.

Finally, be sure to check out our book The Gradspot.com Guide to Life After College, a great starting point for anyone new to the game. Download a free e-book or cop it on Amazon.

Good luck, and remember: the best four years of your life are NOT over!

The Gradspot Team

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