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Webcast: Understanding the Crisis in the Markets

By Christopher Schonberger

You may be of the mind the current meltdown in the markets doesn’t affect you because you don’t have any money anyway. Or maybe you’re just not interested. Both are perfectly fair reactions.

But as politicians and the media take great pains to inform us that we are at an unprecedented juncture in the history of the U.S. economy, maybe it’s worth taking note. Who knows—maybe one day you’ll be talking about the “2008 bailout” in the same way that Gen-Xers talk about the “dot-com bubble” and incredibly old people bang on about “the Great Depression” (hopefully not, though).

Getting a grasp on what’s really going on is pretty tough, to say the least. But the good folks at Harvard believe that if you put enough smart people in a room they’ll begin to make some sense eventually. A panel discussion entitled Understanding the Crisis in the Markets and featuring some of the university’s leading experts in economics and law will kick off today at 4PM. Best of all, it’s available to anyone for free via a live webcast. I’m sure your boss will understand…

Understanding the Crisis in the Markets: A Panel of Harvard Experts [via Harvard University]

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