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Top Chef Knife Skills

By Christopher Schonberger

“Knife Skills” are pretty lacking at Chez Gritz. Imagine me butchering a chunk of Crack Barrel sharp cheddar with an ironically un-sharp plastic knife left over from my last delivery order. Congratulations, you’ve successfully imagined Tuesday nights.

In spite of my ineptitude on the chopping board, I somehow found myself entranced by this knife tutorial from recent Top Chef winner Hung Huynh. All I could think while watching this was, “I bet Hung could perform the most wondrous pumpkin carving in the rich history of o’ lanterns.”

Hung starts out with a cucumber, a great item “to practice knife skills on” (among other things!?), and then moves onto some more challenging meats and vegetables. His skills are mesmerizing, but if nothing else, he has inspired me to go to Chinatown and buy an enormous cleaver for $6.

Well, Hung, thanks for the advice!

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