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Tell Me Your Salary, and I'll Tell You Where You Went to School

By Dan Marley

Forbes tells us that West Point is best school in the country. Newsweek lets us know that Tulane is the "Hottest on the Rebound" (take that, Katrina!). And U.S. News & World Report blows our minds by ranking the top three colleges as...drum roll...Harvard, Yale, and Princeton.

College rankings have become something of a commodified farce over the years, but here's one methodology that's sure to pique some interest: Payscale.com lists how much each school's grads make after they graduate. In addition, it tells you what people in your major tend to do for work (and how much they earn) and what the most popular jobs are for grads from your alma mater.

No Sucker Left Behind author Marc Scheer would likely approve, though his first question would probably be, "How much debt did you accrue to go there?" Because at the end of the day, a college education is all about return on investment, people!

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