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Tales of an Absentee Manager

By Chris Zoia

Sometimes, the best remedy for working at an awful job is a story about someone whose job is so much worse than yours. Luckily this blog delivers that kind of schadenfreude in spades. Where is Bob?: Tales of an Absentee Manager chronicles the 9-to-5 misadventures of a small group of young IT employees who work under the iron-fisted hand of their incompetent, unfriendly, overweight, and apparently soulless manager: Bob.

Bob is not only about as evil as a boss can get without violating labor laws, but he also takes frequent and prolonged vacations from the office to nurture his inner geek. Most of the main characters in this workplace soap opera are disgruntled twentysomethings who’re forced to deal with high levels of arrogance, stupidity, and rudeness from their clinically obese superior. Does this speak to you? Definitely a good read if you feel you fall into the category of the poor and exploited workers.

Just remember: although having a horrible boss is a given at some point in your professional life, few can say they have a manager quite like this one: so cheer up!

Where is Bob?: Tales of an Absentee Manager [via Metafilter.com]

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