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Surviving the 2009 Recession

By Christopher Schonberger

It’s fun to live in times like these when you can open up your browser and read articles with titles like Why the Jobs Report Is So Ominous. It really brightens up the day and puts a spring in one’s step.

But one should not wallow in one’s self-pity. Instead, one must be proactive.

Shall we stop talking in this strange Victorian way? Yes, let’s. The real purpose of this post is to draw your attention to a helpful 2009 Recession Survival Guide over at U.S. News & World Reports. Though we wish we had eminent domain over the phrase “survival guides,” we won’t begrudge the college rankings gurus for lending a helping hand to those struggling to make a go of it in this harsh economic climate.

The first page is dominated by a mostly depressing laundry list of how bad things are (worsening unemployment, sickly stock market, tight credit, blah blah blah), but the next two have some good tips and words of wisdom for saying, “Ok, how can I take advantage of this situation and/or make it better?” rather than just sitting around feeling sorry for yourself.

2009 Recession Survival Guide [via U.S. News & World Reports]

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