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Spicing Up Your Office Attire


I don’t care if you are Dylan McKay, our generation’s closest thing to a rebel without a cause — chances are that you spent at least some portion of your school-going years trying to conform. Not that I am blaming you; I admit, I have sported a few American Eagle graphic tees declaring my not-so-personal feelings about spring breaks I never enjoyed in tropical destinations I have never actually visited. So, who am I to judge? I mean, when it comes right down to it, I just find it comforting to know that what happens in Cabo stays in Cabo.

Once the post-grad clock starts to tick, however, the standards for conformity change a bit and these bumper-sticker-esque declarations of how much you imbibe on the weekend — or how cute someone else’s boyfriend thinks you are — start to become less and less appropriate. This is where, for most job-seeking recent grads, a new tropical destination appears on the map: the Republic of Banana.

But, now that you are trying to be a bit more fashionably well-behaved, where is all that pre-packaged rebel energy supposed to go? You need a way to spice up your new white collar wardrobe, because let’s face it: while it’s one thing to fall into the Gap, it’s another thing to let your personality entirely disappear in there under the ruble of “the mainstream.” If you are wondering how to preserve a little of your inimitable flavor in the office environment, you should check out Etsy, a virtual storehouse of clothing, art, and accessories to help you march to the beat of your own drum, even if you are rolling with the corporate parade. The best part is, all this fresh and funky gear comes from the up and coming set of designers and artists who, for the most part, are still selling their talent for cheap. Thus, you can easily spruce up your ‘drobe without busting your budget.

You can thank us later, after you’ve been to Etsy and we won't mind being seen with you.

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