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Soulja Boy Tells Em to Get Out His Face

By Christopher Schonberger

Every day I resist the urge to stay “on topic” and not turn this blog into a random collection of rap videos and inane clips that I enjoy on a daily basis. But now that Lent is over, I am throwing caution to the wind and lifting this self-imposed ban for at least one day in order to bring you my new favorite video, Soulja Boy’s “YAHHHH.”

We all thought Soulja Boy was going to define one-hit wonder with “Crank Dat,” but here he responds with a defiant cry to all the haters: “YAHHH, TRICK, YAHHH!” A bold statement, no doubt. However, it's unclear whether he was able to react with such boldness when a 12-year-old threw a brick in his face. Presumably, the young ‘un was upset by the suggestion that he should “throw some Ds” on his report card.

At any rate, I think this is definitely the new anthem for disgruntled youths and recent grads alike. Whenever you are feeling annoyed, just let out a Neanderthal yell and refuse to go to school/work.

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