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Seeqpod: The Ultimate Music Search

By Christopher Schonberger

There are countless options for listening to music online while you’re at work. The Hype Machine recently upgraded with a bunch of new features, and you could also stream a little National Public Radio to get your bluegrass fix. However, my favorite new kid on the block is Seeqpod, which describes itself as a “playable search.” Basically, it’s like Google, but you only get “playable” results back. Search your favorite artists, let Seeqpod cull songs and videos from blogs and music sites around the web, then make a playlist and get it popping.

Apparently, you can also share and embed your playlists. Let’s give it a go—here’s are some insanely fresh tracks to get you through these final hours of Friday afternoon:

The Friday Gritztape

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