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By Sarah Collins

It’s the same routine many of us go through every morning: Wake up, shower, get dressed, force down some juice and a few cereal straws. Get to the front door and tick through the mental checklist:

Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Cell box? Check. Do I need an umbrella today? Hmm...

The umbrella question is a tricky one, because the old-school practice of “looking out the window” doesn’t always tell you the whole story now that global warming has made the weather mad unpredictable. You could fire up Weather.com, but as if you have enough money to pay for Internet at home. Not to worry—UmbrellaToday.com can “bake” the umbrella question into the cell phone question by text messaging a simple “yes” or “no” answer every morning. Genius!?

In case you were wondering, the domain name CoatToday.com is already taken. But SandalsToday.com is still available!

Umbrella Today [via Lifehacker]

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