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By Sarah Collins

You probably have one of those friends who everyone thinks would be “so perfect for a reality show.” He’s gregarious, sassy, and not a little bit insane. But after getting turned down for The Mole, Survivor, and even ElimiDate, he’s starting to lose heart. He’s wondering how “real” he really is. Worst of all, he’s getting depressed (though to be fair, I'd guess that being depressed only improves your chances of being cast if Joey from this season’s Real World is anything to go by).

Thankfully, help has arrived: New York Reality TV School gives students a “competitive advantage” in the reality TV market by teaching them how to stand out from the crowd of other wannabes who like to yell and embarrass their families. The one-time “intensive workshop” option ($139) covers key skills like creating a compelling audition tape, doing interviews, and dancing around like a maniac. For a deeper look inside the ‘reality actor’s studio,’ check out Troy Patterson’s sardonic account of his back-to-school experience at Slate.com.

So I wonder if, like, Heidi and Lauren went to school here or if they’re just, like, totally naturals?!

New York Reality TV School [via The Eighth Circle of Hell]

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