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Pictures of Baby Animals

By Christopher Schonberger

Recently, a new obsession has been brewing in the Gradspot offices, thanks in large part to the enthusiastic campaigning of one of our summer interns. The object of our affections? The pygmy marmoset. It is, on paper, the perfect post-college pet—so small that you can smuggle it into any apartment building and get away with buying no extra food; useful for crawling into small openings to lay down rat poison and roach repellant; and generally fun to roll around with in your breast pocket.

Unfortunately, a little Monday morning research suggests that the reality of pygmy marmoset ownership may not be so simple. First of all, you’ve got to actually buy one, and it would seem that like DVDs and babies, small monkeys are best purchased on the black market. The baby analogy may extend further, as well—one owner described owning a pygmy marmoset as the equivalent of “having a small child with razor-sharp teeth that never grows up.” Finally, whether they’re legal or illegal, monkeys will set you back at least a couple months’ rent.

Alas, we may have to put our plans for a new Gradspot Guru mascot on hold. But it’s not all doom and gloom. During my research, I came across the resource I never knew I needed: Baby Animal Alphabet, an alphabetized collection of baby animal pictures. Hopefully these cute little creatures will tie you over until you get home and can look at pornography instead.

Baby Animal Alphabet

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