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Next-Gen Tissues

By Christopher Schonberger

The good people at Puffs were kind enough to send us over some of their new "Puffs Plus with a Scent of Vicks" tissues. Like shirts with built-in insect-repellent or those socks that claim to have aloe vera in them, these tissues are infused with moisturizing lotion and the scent of Vicks.

As someone with a constantly running nose, I've got to give these joints top marks for reasons twofold: 1) They don't dry out your nose like regular tissues, and 2) The minty, eucalyptus-y smell of Vicks really brings me back to my childhood and evokes images of a MILF gently massaging Vicks VapoRub onto a little boy's chest (I'm talking about the commercial now, not my own mother).

However, I'd be remiss not to point out the most obvious issue for recent grads: these are not the cheapest tissues out there, and you can always just nab those abrasive brown napkins from Starbucks in case of an emergency. My thinking is that you've got to make a decision about whether to buy nice toilet paper or nice tissues, because if you get both you have no motivation to work hard or aspire to a better life. And while quality TP really takes the cake most of the time, Puffs with Vicks could be a godsend during these winter months. If you agree, it might be worth scaling down to one-ply and keeping your nose happy.

Just my two cents...

Puffs Plus with a Scent of Vicks

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