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Meditations on St. Patrick's Day

By Christopher Schonberger

Wait, did you know that St. Patrick’s Day is tomorrow? And in some places—like Auckland, New Zealand—it’s popping off today? No big surprise, but it turns out that it’s the Pope who’s responsible for transforming one day of weekday heathenism into a potential four-day, long-weekend style bender. The celebration of Ireland’s patron saint generally falls on March 17, but the Roman Catholic Church agreed to a request by Irish bishops to move it forward in order to avoid a conflict with the beginning of Holy Week on Monday. (I’m sure St. Paddy wouldn’t mind!)

So, let’s get things straight: if you just want to celebrate the getting wasted part, is it still on Monday? Or does the move apply to everyone, religious or otherwise? This is more confusing than Irish people talking!

Color me ignorant, by my first reaction to this whole story was, “The Church celebrates St. Patrick’s Day?” I guess that the “Saint” part should have tipped me off, as well as the knowledge I probably should have soaked up when I visited the St. Patrick Centre in County Down, Northern Ireland. However, after four years of school in Boston, the date became too inextricably linked to disgusting behavior for me to be able to consider it in a religious context.

At the end of the day, I’m assuming the “people’s church” would have just unofficially moved the celebration to the weekend anyway, since everyone knows that getting blackout on Monday is anathema to a good work week. Indeed, one friend of mine was confused as to why I even cared about this technicality, but bear in mind that she also prepares for SPD by making "anti-New Year’s Resolutions" in which she vows to do something completely reprehensible.

So, I guess all that’s left to say is happy St. Paddy’s Day, whenever (and on whatever terms) you decide to celebrate it. In closing, here are a few tidbits to get you in the mood:

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