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Making the Graveyard Shift Work for You

By Gradspot Dot Com

I need a night shift job. What you got? And don't say part-time dominatrix. - @gradspotguru Twitter follower

Whether you're a self-supporting student, a grad looking for some extra income, or just someone trying to leverage your insomniac lifestyle, figuring out a job you can do while the majority of the working world is tucked away in bed (or at least clocked out) is an enticing option. One of the most obvious choices is bartending, which can be a fun gig and pretty lucrative if the tips are good. Another opportunity that requires a little less experience is to be a club hostess/promoter.

But thankfully, the world of "nightlife" is not the only option for those looking to work in the wee hours. Look to the hospitality sector for jobs in hotels and casinos. Also, you can try any "24 hour" business where your skills fit in, such as pharmacies, diners, and delis. In addition, many companies (at least the ones that don't outsource to India!) need people to handle administrative tasks before the daytime workers get to the office in the morning—look out for data entry positions at financial services institutions or copy editing gigs at daily newspapers, for example.

Of course, if you've got a talent you can leverage for freelance work—like website programming, writing, graphic design, or editing—you can probably dictate your own hours to fit in with your nocturnal lifestyle.

Other ideas? Courier, cab driver, baggage handler (some airlines let you fly for free!), apartment building doorman, babysitter, security guard, custodian/janitor...

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